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At Neuraura, we believe that understanding the brain is key in improving the life of the billions of people affected by neurological disorders. We share the dream to put an end to brain diseases and stigma, and thrive at making it a reality.

After decades of audacious research and development, pioneering work and recent breakthroughs, we now have a solution to impact the generations to come for the better.

About Us

From neuroscientist to engineers and physicians, we brought together some of the world experts to build the most advanced brain monitoring platform.

Cumulating decades of research and development, our standalone ecosystem supports neurologists and neurosurgeons in taking more informed decisions during their diagnosis process. In turn, this offers opportunities to develop intelligent neuromodulation devices that can dialogue with the brain.

We are now poised to improve patient’s lives and make a massive difference in mental health issues worldwide, as we now have an opportunity to fix it.

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